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Time Timer® Original 8” Learning Center Classroom Set, Primary Colors

Product Number: TTM08B-PRM3-W
With the new Learning Center Classroom Set, the Time Timer Original 8", a teacher-favorite, is now available in a multi-pack ...




With the new Learning Center Classroom Set, the Time Timer Original 8", a teacher-favorite, is now available in a multi-pack set of three. Each set comes with three timers of different colors to aid in color curriculum during the early years and for time management in color-coded classrooms.

Designed to be used in learning centers or stations, each set also includes 3 Dry Erase Activity Cards to label the learning centers as well as a bi-fold guide filled with Classroom Time Management and Learning Center ideas.

Set of 3 - 60-Minute Visual Timers - Sized perfectly for tabletops, whiteboards, or small group settings. Ideal for Small to Medium sized groups or rooms.

Clinically Proven & Trusted - This is the original visual timer, invented over 25 years ago by Jan Rogers. Proven through years of experience, in addition to clinical research, the Time Timer helps everyone, of all ages and abilities, "see" time, therefore increasing focus and self-regulation.

Magnetic and Stand-Alone - Strong magnets allow each Time Timer Original 8" to be displayed on a markerboard, refrigerator, file cabinet, or any metallic material, but it can also stand alone or hang on the wall.

Free Time Timer Desktop App Download - Includes a free download of the Time Timer Desktop App (Personal License only).

Included 3 Dry Erase Activity Cards - The Dry Erase Activity Cards slot into the top of the timers, allowing you to write or draw the timed activity. Each Time Timer Original 8" can fit up to 2 Dry Erase Activity Cards across the top, making it perfect for First/Then Activities and Visual Schedules. (Extra Dry Erase Activity Cards sold separately).

Intuitive Assistive Tech - Time Timer believes in creating products that truly help people of all ages and abilities to conquer time - in the classroom, in the home, and in the office. While time can be a challenge for differently abled people, we aim to provide intuitive and innovative solutions that make a real difference.


  • Includes three Original 8" visual timers in Red, Yellow, and Blue
  • Includes three (3) dry erase cards for 1:1 Activity Management
  • Includes one (1) free download of Time Timer Desktop App
  • Includes bi-fold guide for using center timers in the early learning classroom
  • Silent operation with optional audible alert at end of timing
  • Magnetic back and fold-up feet
  • Protective lens with center-set knob
  • Each timer requires 2 AA/1.5V batteries (not included)

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